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Site 1 | afua

Sited strategically in rural areas where poverty is endemic, JUHRI gives 100% free and high-quality healthcare to all patients! We are now celebrating the fourth anniversary of Site 1 and are blessed to serve our community since June 6th 2018.

Site 1 - Collage 1_Collage 1.jpg
our team serving at the first site

We have worked diligently, and succeeded, at recruiting and retaining one of the most excellent and humanistic teams in the region to help us provide life changing care and support for those who need it the most. This includes doctors, nurses, an administrative team, researchers, chaplain, laboratory scientists, and more.  In addition, they are supported by a team of over 70 top-tier physicians, many from nearby medical schools, as well as our telemedicine team of over 20 physicians from around the world! Together, this team helps create the Haven for Health that we aim to be as we follow Christ’s call in Matthew 10:8 to “Heal the sick”

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