august 2020:
  1. Thanks to your continued support, as on July 31st, 7103 patients have received 100% free healthcare (including ultrasound diagnostics, drugs, lab tests, etc) with 298 of these in July 2020. Please see pictures below

  2. Mr Ken Essien (Nigeria/UK) a long time JUHRI supporter donated N110,000 (about $300) for the purchase of 2 new sewing machines in addition to the 2 we had already. Our Skills Acquisition Center can now make far more masks than the 400 masks per month which we did with only 2 sewing machines.

August 2020:
PART 2 of 2
  1. New monthly donations from Mr John Ekpo (UK), as well as Dr Jack and Pamela Gabel (USA) have enabled us to hire 2 new staff (an Asst Admin Manager and 1 new Ward Maid (Orderly/Cleaner). We now have 14 paid staff and over 68 Volunteer Clinicians (mostly Consultants in their fields including Radiology, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Urology, Gynecology, Hematology, Surgery, etc, from 2 nearby Teaching Hospitals)

  2. Please see our Account Summary showing ALL DONORS and ALL DONATIONS as well as ALL TRANSFERS for expenditure since inception of JUHRI. We have remained committed to our values of transparency, accountability and strategic generosity.

  3. God bless us all.

  1.  Our 2nd anniversary celebration via Zoom was a splash, attended virtually by people from 4 continents: Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Please see highlights of the event here.

  2. Thanks to your support, as on 30th June, a total of 6,805 patients were given 100% free care (235 in June) at our 100% free research hospital, JUHRI, Afua Site, Nigeria.

  1. From 17th June to 25th June, 2020, serological testing done by the JUHRI-UCTH-UUTH research team showed 17 out of 66 staff/patients of UCTH were positive for IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2: that is 26% exposure rate. Results are online as Preprint (Pre-review) 

  1. The impact of our work was immediate including expediting the establishment of PCR testing at UCTH. Dr Inyama (PI) expresses the ongoing impact thus: “The antibody testing for exposure to the SARS CoV- 2 virus has been revealing, and impactful. It exposed the fact that not only the health workers but the community at large had been exposed to the virus. It provided the necessary evidence for a very dynamic CEO to act decisively to protect the workforce of the UCTH.Today, people are lining up to have their antibody status determined at the isolation Centre. Those who are IgM positive are surrendering themselves to a PCR test. Sometimes we get 80% of these coming out positive. These ones are self isolating thus reducing the spread of the virus. This is why we need to continue the good work we are all doing. May I use this opportunity to thank our donor Prof Johen Guck all the collaborators who contributed time, energy and made intellectual input into this venture.

May 2020
  1. As on 31st May 2020, we have given free healthcare to 6570 patients (187 in May), thanks to your support.

  2. We have obtained full Ethical Approval from the Health Research Ethics Committee of UCTH for our proposed SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Testing at JUHRI Afua, UCTH, Calabar and UUTH, Uyo to determine extent of spread in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States (28th May 2020 to 27th May 2021)

  3. We hired Dr Ekikere Elijah Ukpong for weekly 8-hour calls at JUHRI Afua, since 1st May, to increase access of the people to high quality and free healthcare.

  4. Of course, our full account summary can be found here, including all donations/donors/expenses since inception, in keeping with our transparency and accountability ideals.

APRIL 2020:
part 1 of 3
  1. Thanks to your support, as on 30th April, 2020, a total of 6,383 patients were given 100% free care (103 in April) at our 100% free research hospital, JUHRI, Afua Site, Nigeria.

  2. Please find a complete list of all donors and donations from inception till 10th May 2020 as well as a summary of expenditure. We sincerely thank all donors and volunteers.

APRIL 2020:
part 2 of 3
  1. Further COVID-19 Response: (a) In addition to extra PPE for all staff, all our patients are given face-masks regardless of symptoms, since Mar 31st; (b) Production of our own PPEs (masks, lab coats, etc) at our Skills Acquisition Center. Please see pictures below.

  2. On a larger scale, JUHRI is organizing SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Testing at JUHRI Afua, UCTH, Calabar and UUTH, Uyo, to determine extent of spread in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States of Nigeria, thanks to a donation of $4,400.00 by Prof Jochen Guck from Germany, for this purpose. We have ordered 500 Kits from Confirm Bioscience, submitted a multi-center proposal for ethical approval and are already training Research Assistants for the testing. Dr Marcus Inyama of UCTH and Dr Victor Umoh of UUTH, both JUHRI Volunteer Clinicians, are principal investigators in this effort.

APRIL 2020:
part 3 of 3
  1. Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration on 6th June, 2020 will be via Zoom, connecting Hospital Staff/Patients/Proprietors/Board of Directors/Clinical Volunteers/Guests. Details on the way.

MARCH 2020
  1. In response to COVID-19, since March 24th, 2020, we began mandatory use of extra PPE by all
    our staff, in attending to every patient regardless of symptoms, out of abundance of caution.

  2. As on March 31st , a total of 6,280 patients (not including outreach/mobile clinic patients) were given 100% free care (111 in March alone).  

  3. On 25th March, JUHRI received a donation of 56 bottles of hand sanitizers from Vandrezzer FC in Nigeria

  4. Continuation of construction at our 2nd Site: JUHRI Esuk Mbat, Akpabuyo LGA, Cross River State

  5. Please find a list of all donors and donations on our Support Us Page We sincerely thank all donors and volunteers.

February 2020
  1. As on Feb 29th, a total of 6,169 patients (not including outreach and mobile clinic patients) visited and were given 100% free care (197 in Feb alone). Please see pictures below.

  2. On Feb 15, I gave an invited presentation on our work at the Global Health Conference Midwest, Creighton University, Omaha, USA.

  3. Continuation of construction at our 2nd Site: JUHR Esuk Mbat, Akpabuyo LGA, Cross River State, Nigeria

  4. Please find a list of all donors and donations on our Support Us Page. We are truly grateful to all donors and volunteers.


  1. Thanks to your support, we have now given 100% free healthcare to 5,972 at our 1st site (excluding mobile medical outreach patients), with 299 in  January 2020 alone. Please see pictures below, including Clinical Research activities, Skills Acquisition, etc.

  2.  The Creighton University Physics Department adopted JUHRI as the beneficiary of its annual Holiday Spirit Donations for Jan 2020, with the aim of raising funds for the purchase of a portable battery powered X-Ray machine. The fundraising is ongoing ($3100 as of today) and donors/donations can be seen in our attached summary of all donors/donations so far.

  3. Having dug a water borehole, accumulated building materials (blocks, rods, chippings, etc) at our 2nd Site (Esuk Mbat, Akpabuyo), we hired a bulldozer and cleared the site. Full scale construction has commenced at our 2nd Site. Thanks again for your support. God bless you.

  1. Thank you so much for your all-round support of JUHRI which has enabled us to provide 100%  free healthcare to 5,673 patients since commissioning; with 250 in December 2019 alone. Please see pictures below.

  2. We heartily congratulate Dr Victor Umoh, JUHRI's Volunteer Medical Director, Afua site, who was last year promoted to Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH) as well as elected Vice Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences of UUTH. We now have to hire a medical doctor to work under Dr Umoh at JUHRI Afua, in addition to our 11 other paid staff. What a deserving promotion for Dr Umoh! Congrats again.

  3. Critical Care RN Elizabeth Wellendorf has joined the JUHRI's US Volunteer Team and is looking forward to a Medical Mission Trip to Nigeria. Welcome, Elizabeth; thanks for volunteering.

  4. JUHRI's Post-graduate Clinical Research Fellow is currently converting our semi-paper-based patient data to a fully electronic patient data base among other tasks.

  5. We are currently working on our 2019 Annual Report. Consistent with our transparency and accountability values, as usual, the up to date account summary showing all donors and their donations since inception of our mission. Thanks again and continue to support our medical charity. God bless you.


Thanks to your support, our 100% free hospital and research institute is thriving. Our monthly donors have continued to donate without missing any month. Our annual donors renewed their donations without any reminders. Please see attached updated Account Summary. We are truly grateful. In November, we:

  1. Treated 300 patients, making a total of 5,423 patients since Commissioning (June 2018). Please see pictures below;

  2. Hired a full time Post-Graduate Clinical Research Fellow, Ms Margaret Etok, M.Sc, Medical Microbiology, College of Medicine, Univ of Lagos, B.Sc, Microbiology, Univ of Calabar;

  3. Continued training 9 seamstresses at our Skills Acquisition Center: pictures show them wearing dresses they made;

  4.  Began seeking funding (donations) for the purchase of a brand new Mobile X-Ray Unit (battery-powered, portable, preferably  GE AMX 4 Plus Portable X-Ray Machine). This will upgrade our Radiology equipment, currently  just our 2 portable MindRay Ultrasound Scanners.

  1. Treatment of 319 patients in October 2019, making a total of 5,123 patients since Commissioning (June 2018). Please see pictures below.

  2. Development and announcement of professional and personal growth scheme for our paid staff (currently 10 in number: 9 full time and 1 part-time)

  3. Continuation of training of 5 auxiliary nurses and 9 seamstresses

  4. Mentoring of our 1st Volunteer Research Associate (Medical Physics) to the point of her acceptance into Biomedical Engineering Post-Graduate Program in Vrije University, Brussel, Belgium (at her expense), enrolled Sept 20th and now settled down. This mentoring is part of our sustainability plan and it includes active search for scholarships for our mentees.

  1. Your encouragement, donations, prayers, volunteering, etc, have enabled us to give 100% free healthcare to 4804 patients at JUHRI Afua Site (as on 30th Sept 2019).

  2. During September alone, 385 patients were seen and cared for. Please see pictures below. Dr Victor Umoh continues to visit and run JUHRI Afua Site, free of charge. Our 10 paid staff led by Rev Sr ThereseAnn Afangideh as Chief Matron, are keeping JUHRI Afua Site on course.

  3. Under the guidance of Rev Sr Maria Umoayara, 9 students of our Skills Acquisition Center display their work.

  4. Four Auxiliary Nurses are currently in training, in addition.

  5. Dr Marcus Inyama, Assoc Prof of Medicine and Chief Consultant Haematologist at UCTH, visited Creighton University 21st to 23rd September, presented work on sickle cell and held discussions expanding our sickle cell research network. He funded his trip to Creighton. Prof Kosoko-Lasaki, Assoc Vice Provost of Creighton Health Sciences, sponsored a Lunch Meeting during the visit. Prof Peter Silberstein and Dr Maryam Gbadamosi enriched the discussion, among others.

  6. Our International Media Team members are consistently updating our website.

August 2019
  1. Your encouragement, donations, prayers, volunteering, etc, have enabled us to give 100% free healthcare to 4419 patients at JUHRI Afua Site (as on 31st August).

  2. During August alone, 516 patients were seen and cared for. Please see pictures below. Some beneficiaries of our Archibong-Ikpeme Nutrition Bank (AINB) are also shown.

  3. Four Auxiliary Nurses are currently in training, in addition to seven trainees at our Skills Acquisition Center (Sewing).

  4. Our Account Summary shows all donors and donations so far.

  5. Our International Media Team members are consistently updating our website.

July 2019
  1. Thanks to your support through encouragement, donations, prayers, volunteering, etc, 3903 patients have now received 100% free healthcare at JUHRI Afua Site (as on 31st July). 

  2. During the month of July alone, 582 patients were seen and cared for. Please see pictures.

  3. We now have two main sources of electric power, namely, the national grid and our two generators. Permanent connection to the grid and billing were done this July following permanent wiring/fittings/sockets completed during 1st Anniversary.

  4. We are working on upgrading our pre- and post-surgical care before doing more surgeries since these economically challenged patients are also among the worst surgery candidates. 

June 2019
  1. The 1st Anniversary Celebration was a huge success:  9th outreach (about 350 patients), Gen Surgery Room unveiled (named in honor of Prof AA Otu), Skills Acquisition/Auxiliary Nurses' Training Center unveiled  at JUHRI Afua Site. 10th outreach at our 2nd Site. Please watch the trailer with Drone footage: here.

  2. The Skills Acquisition/Auxiliary Nurses' Training Center at JUHRI Afua Site began on June 26th and now runs with 7 students from indigent families learning sewing using our 2 new sewing machines. 3 Auxiliary nurses are now in training.

  3. As on June 30th, 3321 patients were seen at JUHRI Afua. In June alone, 742 patients were seen at JUHRI Afua, excluding outreach patients. 

  4. Our 1st surgeries were performed on June 28th, with 2 patients who also became our 1st in-patients following the surgical removal of their hernias.Again, thank you everyone. To God be the glory. 

MAY 2019
  1. It is about 1 month to the 1st Anniversary of the commissioning of JUHRI's 1st Site (Afua) for outpatient services, 6th June 2018. We plan to celebrate it by beginning General Surgery at Afua and laying the foundation at our 2nd Site (Esuk Mbat). Dr Charles Ekanem, a Surgeon, has graciously accepted to head our Surgical Unit.

  2. Donations have continued to come in, including $10,000 from the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha, for our 2nd Water Borehole at Afua and Surgical infrastructure. Account update is attached and April/May donations. 

  3. On 24th April, our 3rd clinical research paper was published in the Innovative Journal of Medical and Health Science. The effort was led by Assoc Professor of Radiology, UCTH and Director of JUHRI's Mobile Clinic, Dr Anthonia Ikpeme.

  4. As noted in the pictorial update below, 2304 patients out-patients have so far received 100% free care in our facility, excluding thousands of others during our eight Mobile Clinic Outreaches. Thank you everyone. To God be the glory.

APRIL 2019
  1. The entire JUHRI family congratulates the Chairman of our Central Planning Committee for Commissioning,Prof Ikpeme Ikpeme on his recent appointment by the President of the Fed Republic of Nigeria as the Chief Medical Director of UCTH. Prof Ikpeme and his wife, Dr Anthonia Ikpeme are key Volunteer JUHRI Doctors/Supporters/Director. They even donate monthly to the Archibong-Ikpeme Nutrition Bank and we use the funds for feeding malnourished children at JUHRI Afua Site. 

  2. We sincerely thank all JUHRI donors and supporters. Dr Sung-Mi Mar recently described their giving to JUHRI as an "honor" and a "wonderful opportunity to serve God". The Kim & Mar Maternal and Child Care Room in JUHRI is named in honor of her families (biological and marital).

  3. A snapshot of activities of March are presented. 

  4. Attached is an update of donations. God bless you all.

MARCH 2019
  1. Immense gratitude goes to all our volunteer doctors, our dedicated paid staff, our supporters who advice, pray for and/or donate. 

  2. The "25by25" campaign was a huge success as you can see from the donations between Nov 1st and March 1st pasted below. Also, account summary showing all donations/donors since inception is attached. 

  3. As on Feb 28th, 1953 patients made over 3000 visits to JUHRI Afua Site since commissioning and received 100% free care.

  4. Activities of Jan-Feb are summarized in pictures

  5. 1st Anniversary of Commissioning will hopefully include inauguration of Surgical Unit

  6. I have always considered all we don in JUHRI  as a privilege. And when I had a conversation with Prof Dr Jochen Guck (who has donated a total of $21,949.75 so far), he described his contributions to JUHRI  thus: "one of the best uses of my money". There is joy and fulfillment in giving to a good cause.

  7. The Medical Director's Office is now named "Dr Victor Umoh Medical Director's Office" to acknowledge immense contributions as the Volunteer Medical Director, Afua Site. 

  8. Our website has been updated by our International Media Team led by Nick Maxwell, Jessica Bedi and Whitney Stramer.

  1. As on 30th Nov, we've given 100% free healthcare to 1,524 patients. Thank you very much for your contributions, volunteering and general support.

  2. We thank the following for responding to our 25by25 campaign:

    1. Prof Kosoko-Lasaki ($500.00);

    2.  Mr & Mrs Kim ($1000), Mr & Mrs Kowal ($100) and many regular donors. 

  3. We are grateful to Karen Zelensky who, discovering that owing to my monthly JUHRI donations, I could not replace my car that broke down (engine knock) since September, contacted the General Manager of a car dealership and appealed on my behalf. Mr Jim E. Nelson presented to me a Pontiac Torrent free of charge just yesterday. God bless Mr Nelson and his auto-dealership.

  4. Below are pictorial updates on JUHRI activities in November, our 25by25 wish-list and a link to our website.  God bless you all. 

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